CIRANO ''High Size''

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The CIRANO ® is a brazier table that allows 4, 6 or 8 people to have a drink around a friendly fire that will warm you up without heating the drinks.

Indeed, the glasses - beers, glasses of champagne, chilled rosé and sparkling water - remain at room temperature, thanks to the patented design of the CIRANO ® brazier.

 Table height: 1.05m - ideal for resting the forearm.

   IMG_8133 CIRANO en bord de piscine à Cazaugitat (33)           IMG_7719 CIRANO avec Christine & Thomas à Châlons (51)
In the photos below, the ambient temperature was 11 ° C. The beers remain at this temperature 11.3 ° C on the left and 13.4 ° C on the right, "Sun" side.

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