--Presentation of CONFORT DOMO France

CONFORT DOMO FRANCE was created in July 2014 under the name of CENTAURE + Sarl.

It became CONFORT DOMO FRANCE in 2016 and its statutes were extended to the manufacturing and distribution of French or European products for domestic use.

CONFORT DOMO FRANCE aims to create and distribute simple domestic products, preferably made in France or Europe.

The aim is to provide its users with a real comfort of use, in an eco-responsible approach: 100% recyclable materials, short circuit from the manufacturing to the end customer, comfort of use.

QAÏTO ® is a product designed to facilitate the preparation of fires in the existing woodstoves, especially for people tired of log logistics or who can no longer, because of age or disability, put logs in their homes.

The QAÏTO ® has been animated since its birth by underlying positive values ​​that can be summarized as mutual aid or solidarity, humanist values ​​par excellence.

 The QAÏTO ® was created by 2 French engineers, Messrs LEGOFF and DAUSSON who received in 2011 the Gold Medal of the LEPINE Competition for their innovation.

QAÏTO ® is a heating accessory in cast iron and stainless steel to create a pleasant, effective and friendly heat.

CONFORT DOMO FRANCE is pursuing the development of several indoor and outdoor products based on this pellet burner and other eco-friendly products.