QAITO Q10 for small fireplaces and small woodstoves

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  1. QAITO 10 for small fireplace inserts or woodstoves

Caracteristics requested for the stove ''receiving'' the Q10 pellet burner 

Width: 350 mm // Depth: 350 mm // Height: 250 mm

Air intrance coming from the bottom part of the stove


Height of CAST IRON burner : 105mm
Inside / outside diam. of the burner : 220mm / 250 mm
Diam. of the circular STAINLESS STEEL plate: 250mm
Height of installed product : 130 mm

Capacity : 1.7 kg de pellets      Power generated by 1.7 kg pellets : 10 kW

Net weight of the QAÏTO Q10 : 5.6 kg (12.3 lbs)

Use of your QAITO pellet burner

Fill in your QAITO with pellets, then light up the pellets with a pellet starter.
In less than 5 minutes, you will get a generous and cheerful fire which will burn during approx. an hour (*) and will warm you up even longer thanks to the calories accumulated by the cast iron burner. 
If you wish to start a new fire (**), add some more pellets in your QAITO on approx. 4/5 th of its surface : the remaining burning ashes will light up the pellets. And QAITO is ready for a new start !

 Cost of the outbreak: 0.56 € (price calculated with a 15 kg bag of pellets at 4.20 € / bag, or 28 cents per kilo)

Benefits of your QAÏTO

  • Safety when starting the fire
  • Environmental friendly and cost efficient : 1.7 kg pellets/ hour, for a very reasonable cost (~ 0,39 cts per pellet load since only 80% of the surface is reloaded)
  • The glass and the fireplace remain much cleaner than with wood
  • Fast elevation of temperature
  • Set up of fire 3 - 5 times quicker than with wood logs
  • Can be installed in almost all fireplace inserts or woodstoves (***) without handwork. No need of electricty. 
(*) Each fireplace installation, each house, each weather conditions or use of a fireplace being specific, the manufacturer cannot commit himself with a precise duration of pellet combustion.
(**) Consider more or less 1 pellet load per hour.
(***) The fireplace air supply – primary air or major air draught ? – must come from the bottom grill of the fireplace or woodstove.

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  • Etienne TREZEUX
    J'ai acheté un Qaïto la semaine dernière. Je l'ai installé dans mon poêle à bois et il me donne toute satisfaction,
    Facile et rapide à installer, il me permet de réaliser des petites flambées de 1heure ou deux (si je le recharge de granules) le soir en semaine en rentrant du travail ou je n'ai pas forcement le temps ou l'envie de faire cela avec des vrais bûches.
    Le service technique m'a aidé à trouver le modèle qui correspondait le mieux à mon poêle.
    Bien à vous.
    Sent the 28 Novembre 2020 à 10:31

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