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QAÏTO Camping is the nomadic version of QAÏTO.

Eléments composant le QAITO CAMPING

Enjoy your QAÏTO … OUTDOOR ! Heat, light and cook with your QAÏTO Camping !  

QAÏTO Camping is the nomadic version of QAÏTO. IDEAL for fishermen !!!

Intended for all people who enjoy outdoor activities, QAÏTO Camping is both a brazier and a girddle for a barbecue that works with wood pellets.

QAÏTO Camping can be set up in 1 min. Once assembled, you put pellets in the cast iron burner and you light with a 100% natural FTB QAÏTO fire starter.

In less than 5 minutes, you have beautiful flames that allow you to use QAÏTO Camping as a brazier to warm up or to share the pleasure of a campfire in complete safety.

At coffee time, put the enameled cast iron griddle over the burner. Then place a waterpan or your Italian coffee maker (in stainless steel) on the edge of the griddle and make your coffee (5 mn).

At lunchtime, put a little wood pellets back in the bottom of the burner (half capacity of the burner) and place your meat, sausages, fish or vegetables on the plancha.

This will give you a hot and delicious meal very quickly.


BEFORE  starting the fire, pour a few wood chips impregnated with natural wax on the pellets, then take a QAÏTO fire starter bag to light your mass of pellets safely. In 1 minute, the fire starts.

The pellets will quickly make beautiful bright flames.

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