QAITO 30 Pellet burner for large fireplaces with insert or woodstoves

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QAÏTO 30 for large fireplace inserts or woodstoves


Height of CAST IRON burner : 105 mm
Inside / outside width of the burner : 222 mm / 253 mm
Inside / outside length of the burner : 310 mm / 340 mm
Width of STAINLESS STEEL plate: 280 mm
Length of STAINLESS STEEL plate: 360 mm
Height of installed product : 130 mm

Capacity : 3.7 kg de pellets      Power generated by 3.7 kg pellets : 15 kW 

Use of your QAITO pellet burner

Fill in your QAITO with pellets, then light up the pellets with a pellet starter. In less than 5 minutes, you will get a generous and cheerful fire which will burn during approx. an hour (*) and will warm you up even longer thanks to the calories accumulated by the cast iron burner.  If you wish to start a new fire (**), add some more pellets in your QAITO on approx. 4/5 th of its surface : the remaining burning ashes will light up the pellets. And QAITO is ready for a new start !!

  Approx. cost of one fire : less than 0.75€  (price calculated with a 15 kg pellet bag at 3.65 €/u)

Benefits of your QAÏTO

  • Safety when starting the fire
  • Environmental friendly and cost efficient : 2.9 kg pellets/ hour, for a very reasonable cost (~ 0,75 cts per pellet load)
  • The glass and the fireplace remain much cleaner than with wood
  • Fast elevation of temperature
  • Set up of fire 3 times quicker than with wood logs
  • Can be installed in almost all fireplace inserts or woodstoves (***) without fireplace modification. No need of electricty. 
(*) Each fireplace installation, each house, each weather conditions or use of a fireplace being specific, the manufacturer cannot commit himself with a precise duration of pellet combustion.
(**) Consider more or less 1 pellet load per hour.
(***) The fireplace air supply – primary air or major air draught ? – must come from the bottom grill of the fireplace or woodstove.

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