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QAÏTO Camping is the nomadic version of QAÏTO.

Eléments composant le QAITO CAMPINGEnjoy your QAÏTO … OUTDOOR ! Heat, light and cook with your QAÏTO ! 

Reminder : QAÏTO ® is a pellet stove that fits easily and without any structural modification in a chimney or a woodstove.  QAÏTO ® : Gold Medal at the LEPINE Innovation contest in Paris. Innovation Award granted by Chemnées Magazine 2015

QAÏTO ® Camping is the nomadic version of QAÏTO. 

Made in France:  EUROPEAN PATENT 

Therefore you take benefit of your QAÏTO pellet burner for an outdoor use as well: while fishing, hunting or camping, and during all your outdoor leisure activities.


QAÏTO® Camping is an environment friendly product, designed for a long-term use with 100% recyclable materials.

IMPORTANT : It is essential to use QAÏTO ® Camping with the usual precautions related to braziers and griddles:  far from children, animals and all flammable materials.

In case of emergency, you can pour water on the QAÏTO® Camping to extinguish the flames and cool it quickly.Use outdoor only.


Heat, light and cook with your QAÏTO ! BRAZIERVery nice living flame !!!

Heat and friendliness guaranteed. 

HEATING : Use the original fonction of QAÏTO ® in an outdoor use.

GRIDDLE : All kind of meat, fish and vegetable can be cooked on the griddle.

Warm up your coffee in a few minutes !



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